Nylon 6 and Nylon 6.6 - An insight

29th June 2007
Nylon 6,6 and Nylon 6 are the most versatile commercial nylon products in the market having a vast range of uses depending upon the need. Both the products are used for engineering applications though Nylon 6,6 is more used for its ductility and tensile s... Read >

Metallic Yarn Manufacturing Process

29th June 2007
The Metallic Yarn Manufacturing Process Metallic yarns are by and large made from strips of a synthetic film, such as polyester, coated with metallic particles. In one more method, aluminum foil strips are sandwiched amid layers of film. Metallic yarns m... Read >

Uses of Metallic Fibres

29th June 2007
Metallic fibres have made the saying 'Spinning Straw in Gold' come to pass. Though straw is never used, its place is rightly taken by other precious metals like silver. Metallic fibres are also known as Zari particularly in India. The most common process ... Read >